Make the right impression in 2013

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17th January 2013

Make the right impression in 2013.

At the beginning of a New Year, people often make resolutions to change or improve something in their life, this can be also a great time to review your business as well.

Reviewing how your business looks to the outside world is a healthy business stand point.

Recent reports on the challenging and tough times for many retailers and businesses across the UK seem to point to one outcome. Those companies which adapt their business model, embrace new technology or new ways of selling and communicating with their customers are the ones which will have a more positive position in the future.

Online selling or having an online presence is vital to communicating with your customers and clients.

The photographic images which represent your business are the first tool you can use in your online offering.

When people are navigating the web, they are attracted by the visual and the images which catch their eye will be the ones which will keep the interest of the new customer long enough so they can continue to read about you, your business and products or services.

Poor representation of your products or business in general, through poor photography will mean the customer will often skip past your website and move onto the next.

Follow these simple steps to reviewing your business photography.

• How long did you last update the images on your website?.
Images should be updated at least every quarter or when new products or services are available.

• Do the images sell you products well?, do they tell the correct story?

• Using a Professional Photographer will add value to your business, look at it as an investment in the future success of your business.

• Stand out from the crowd. Your competitors will have the upper hand if they use professional photography and you don't.

• Use a Photographer whose portfolio you like and who can advise on your particular needs for the images you require. An experienced photographer will be able to talk you through what you need and what you don't need.

Phillip Shannon is a Professional Photographer with over 16 years experience in the commercial sector and a large ranging portfolio, Phillip Shannon can deliver hard working images to you without fuss and to a budget to suit your particular needs.

Please also take a look around at the portfolios here, Food Photography, Still life & Product Photography, Jewellery Photography, Creative Photography, People Photography, Locations & Interiors Photography.

Based in Leeds, Yorkshire. Phillip can provide studio photography to clients in the region and also location services here and across the UK.

Contact Phillip Shannon today to discuss your next photography project. You can fill in the contact form on the website or call

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