Trade shows help food businesses connect with customers


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31st January 2012

Trade shows help food businesses connect with customers

It is no doubt that any business needs a positive connection with its customers, whether you are a small local store or a city centre office your business success depends upon new and existing customers coming through the door or somehow purchasing your product or service.

In the food industry one of the great ways to connect with new customers is through trade shows, exhibitions, or even you're own open day.

As we look at the year before us, a great deal of food exhibitions, trade shows, food fairs and local events are taking place from Leeds to Los Angeles.

A great deal of variety exists in the world of trade shows, from the mega-complex's of a national exhibition space, to rural or local events where only a handful of stall holders are involved, whatever the event is, the ambition for your food business should be the same.

    1.    What are the fundamentals about my product that I need to convey
    2.    How do I communicate that to my customer
    3.    If I am selling at the show, is my price point competitive
    4.    How do I retain my customers long term
    5.    Do my competitors have a more successful product?, if so, why?

Needless to say the list could go on, but these 5 points are made for you to look at your food business and ask questions about how you communicate with the lifeblood of your business - your customer.

A food business in Leeds, Yorkshire can take advantage of the wealth of commercial expertise around them to evolve and promote their business through a series of channels. One is design and marketing and the other is Food Photography.

As a food photographer Phillip Shannon is well experienced in producing food images that sell your product online or in-store through point of sale, brochure or catalogue. Over many years and hundreds of studio and location shoots, the experience gained equals a very successful shoot for your food enterprise.


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