Your 3 point plan to a successful product photography shoot

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10th December 2012

Your 3 point plan to a successful product photography shoot.

The Art of Product and Still life Photography.

If you run a retail or product based business, you need to communicate effectively, efficiently and in a lot on online situations, quickly.

Using some simple steps to your businesses marketing and advertising can reap great rewards.

Professional photographers use the experience gained over many years and have a set of skills which are geared towards maximizing the "sale" of the image on your website page, or other printed marketing material.

This can be an area of your business marketing which may be overlooked, as it may seem out of reach for a small business due to budgetary constraints but in the fast moving world of online selling, it is the visual impact of the product which will help your products leap off the page, and more importantly, sell

The ability to photograph an inanimate object is not as straight forward as it first may seem.

The Three main areas to consider are:

1. The actual merchandise in front of the camera, this needs to be assessed by a trained eye, so that the most effective camera angle and lens choice is used.

2. The professional lighting equipment & techniques used by commercial photographers are a vital ingredient in setting the scene and create the right atmosphere to the shot.

3. Background choice is also vital to the successful packshot or product photograph being achieved. The product or merchandise itself will determine a complimentary background, such as a rustic wooden surface for some artistic food image, or maybe a natural surface of stone or such like to contrast a jewellery item. It maybe that a neutral background is used, professional photographers in Leeds and around the UK will use this particularly when shooting for product cutout shots or pack shots as they are often called.

Phillip Shannon is a Professional Photographer, based in Leeds West Yorkshire. Studio and location photography service is provided for all business types across Leeds and the Yorkshire region and the UK.

An award winning photographer with over 16 years experience in the commercial photography business, Phillip has been commissioned for a huge variety of advertising assignments over his career. As a Food Photographer Phillip has produced mouth watering images for food businesses across the Yorkshire region and for multiple uses such as websites and printed brochures.

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