Do you want an online photography course to improve your photography skills, but don't know how to get there?

Woman with camera online photography course

The internet is full of websites and videos that allow learners to find out more, but often you find yourself wading through hundreds of pages & articles that never really get to answer the questions you really have that are personal to you.

Do you want to access a personal tutoring service with dedicated step by step photography projects from a professional photographer with over 25 years commercial experience & BIPP qualified?

Bipp Associate Qualified photographer

 Welcome to “Photography Tutor” from Phillip Shannon Photography ABIPP

• Each course, levels 1,2 & 3 are split into 6 engaging projects and will let you explore a different aspect of photography everytime so that you can challenge yourself & advance your skills.

• I will provide feedback on every project you complete via email. This will explore the image you have created, answer any questions you have about the image making process so that you can progress to the next shoot with practical tips from an experienced commercial photographer. 

• All courses & projects use a DSLR - "Digital single lens reflex" camera to carry out the projects. You may use this or a another camera of your choice. You will gain more knowledge about photography when the camera you are using allows you to alter focus, aperture, shutter speed & ISO. Mirrorless & bridge cameras for example should allow you to complete all of the projects too.

Woman with camera online photography course

Level 1 is a great starting point for those who are enthusiastic about begining their photographic journey.

I will take you through the step by step process to learn about photography and your camera. I will use a DSLR to show my learning. How best to operate it, getting you off the automatic settings & onto full manual controls. How to process the images you create that you will cherish for many years to come.

For the level 1 course there are helpful guides, that show easily some of the more technical details of photography. They are also freely available to anyone on every course you follow.

As a subject photography can be a bit technical at times, but I will deliver this to you in a way which is practical and easy to follow. This is not going to be a science lesson, but a practical exciting course which will let you create interesting and memorable images.

I look forward to you joining us & seeing your images.

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