Level 1

In this introductory course, I will teach you the key knowledge & skills which will carry you forward to increase your learning base & giving you the confidence to grow your photographic skills.

The course is designed for the beginner with an understanding of some photography skills, terms and equipment.

You can expect the course to be practical with some technical references, but this is not a science lesson, this is a hands on practical course designed to help you take your photography forward. There are free cheat sheets as shown here below which explain easily some of the more technical apects of photography so everyone can understand & enjoy their photography projects.

As an hobby photography is an amazing way to record the aspects of your life in a creative format and to keep for posterity.

Woman with camera online photography course

If you want to get beyond the recording & snapping part of photography then this course is for you, by learning how to use your camera to its full potential is a worth while & fulfilling journey.

I will take you through the step by step process to learn about photography and your camera. I will use a DSLR to show my learning. How best to operate it, getting you off the automatic settings & onto full manual controls. 

• We will explore camera shutter speed (how quickly the camera captures the image) and the lens apertures (how much light the lens lets through)

• You will learn about camera kit, how to hold your camera, different types of camera, different types of lighting & different lens types.

• 6 engaging projects which will let you explore a different aspect of photography every time so that you can challenge yourself & advance your skills.

• How to process the images you create that you will cherish for many years to come.

• I will provide feedback on every project you complete via email. This will explore the image you have created, answer any questions you have about the image making process so that you can progress to the next shoot with practical tips from an experienced BIPP Associate qualification commercial photographer.

Bipp Associate Qualified photographer

I look forward to you joining us & seeing your images.

Phillip Shannon Photography Tutor