Level 2

So you’ve completed the first course, well done or maybe you joined here at this level as your experience and knowledge is greater than a beginner level.

As a reminder to those who have joined the tutor course from the beginning you should now understand the fundamentals of the DSLR ( or similar camera if not using as such ) So that covers

• Aperture
• Shutter Speed
• The camera functions such as Program setting/Green zone, Priority led settings, full manual control
• Lenses, Prime and Zoom
• Basic file importing to editing software

• I will provide feedback on every project you complete via email. This will explore the image you have created, answer any questions you have about the image making process so that you can progress to the next shoot with practical tips from an experienced BIPP Associate qualification commercial photographer.

In this next steps course we will set 6 projects which will explore specific areas of photography and digital work flow including retouching/editing of images in photoshop.

Now you’ve begun to have a clearer understanding of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and lens choice all working in harmony the creative aspect of these elements can be used with greater power in the photographs you produce.

Woman with camera online photography course

There are free cheat sheets as shown here which explain easily some of the more technical apects of photography so everyone can understand & enjoy their photography projects.

I look forward to you joining us & seeing your images

Bipp Associate Qualified photographer

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