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If you run a business or are responsible for the marketing and promotion of a companies product or service then photography will feature with you at some point along the way.

Additional Information about your product and service is vital to communicating with your clients and suppliers, but along with written information a photograph will add variety and often say more about you and your product than any amount of words can, particularly in a short period of time.

In the visual age, social networking & particularly the instagram generation, photography plays an ever more important role in expressing your style, image and ethos to the wider world.

I have worked as a commercial photographer in Leeds, Yorkshire of over 22 years and have worked with a huge variety of clients in helping them communicate their ideas, products and services to the wider world. Hiring a commercial photographer can be daunting, particularly if you are new to the world of photographers and studio photography or location photography. You may feel like you need advice and help with your choice.

I have set out my professional photography to show the areas which I have worked in over the 22 years within the industry.

These are, Food Photography, Product Photography ( including pack shot photography ), Jewellery Photography, Creative Photography, People Photography, Locations Photography.

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Testimonials for my photography are shown also, this is welcomed feedback from my existing clients and this gives my future clients a real insight, a sort of behind the scenes look at what it is like to work with me, once our photography projects are underway.

Working as a Food Photographer in Leeds has been an area of work which has featured highly throughout my career and the Food Portfolio shows a variety of work for restaurants, food producers & retailers.

As a advertising and commercial photographer I am asked to shoot many different kinds of projects, many of which could be under the product photography heading, in my Product portfolio you can see the variety of work shot in my studio in Leeds. Pack shots or product photography is the backbone of commercial photography, this is where you see most commercial photographers working in, often working to produce photos for websites, brochures or other marketing & promotional material.

Jewellery Photographer Leeds
People photographer Leeds

Please take time to view the other commercial portfolios, Jewellery Photography is a real specialist area of commercial photography, I have shot for a variety of Jewellery clients, from smaller artisan independents right through to high street national chains and the Jewellery photographer's job is to release the inner qualities of the piece in the final image. I have shot Jewellery photography in Leeds for the majority of my career and you can see a good selection of jewellery types of photography by clicking on the jewellery portfolio.

When the sun shines, or at least it stops raining, location photography in Leeds, or Yorkshire or anywhere the project takes us, can be seen in the locations portfolio. The shots seen here are taken for clients who maybe showing off either a building interior or exterior. Maybe they have installed new fixtures & fittings & need to promote that, whatever the reason for the location shoot, I have a wealth of experience to suit all manner of projects that occur.

Please send me a message using the website form to tell me more about your project.

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