How the internet is changing the way we shop

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The title to this post is not going to be a great shock to anyone, I know, but I wanted to write something as it is not only affecting our day to day personal shopping habits, but also in the photography I’m carrying out for my clients.

I would say, just a few years ago, nearly 100% of my clients were out and out business ventures. Meaning that the photography I was doing for them was for a fully fledged business in the traditional sense that bought or made a product, marketed that product through on & offline sources & that was that.

In the last few years I have been hired by an increasing number of clients who as the media label them are part of the “gig” economy.

People who have one job, nearly always there full time or main job & then also run their own business in their spare time.
Often these products are photographed for online outlets such as Amazon or Facebook marketplace etc.. where you don’t have to be a mainstream retailer to sell an item to the general public for sale. The obvious benefits meaning you don’t need an actual store, or attend a market place to sell them, simply pop it in the post yourself or the outlet will do it for you.

One thing does remain the same though & that is my approach to the shoots. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a large multinational or a back bedroom entrepreneur, you will get the same professional photography from me.

The budgets may not be the same & the quantities of work on offer might not be the same either, but I approach every shoot with the same desire & that is to produce hard working images for the client so they can market themselves more effectively.

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Product photography comes in all shapes & sizes. I have over 23 years experience in commercial photography working for a large range of clients & products.

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