New restoration service for old photos

Welcome to “My Restoration” from Phillip Shannon Photography.

“My Restoration” is a new service providing a restorative editing process for old damaged prints

After spending many an hour in front of the computer with my commercial photography, over the years I have been asked to photoshop various elements in the shots we create in the studio to rectify anything from a minor scratch or two to completely rebuilding elements of packaging for example.

During this time I have also been asked to retouch & edit old photographs for friends and family and here you can see the results.

Bringing back to life old forgotten family pictures of loved ones brings back great memories for people & discovering old, torn prints in the bottom of a drawer sometimes left people feeling like they would never be able to enjoy that picture again. Now with this new service you can relive the memories or yesteryear & enjoy those images again.

The process of taking an old photo & bringing it back to life can be quite varied. Starting with the original photo print I can advise what is possible & what is not so that you are fully aware of the expectations before we start the process.

In the examples shown here in this blog post you can see the various common problems that often occur & what can be done to provide as close to original as I can for you.

Female Portrait old printFemale Portrait new print

Old photographic prints often get lost in drawers or become damaged in some way either physical tears or creases to sunlight damage if they have been exposed to strong window light.

Fading of old black and white prints can often occur due to the original photographic process & methods used to produce the prints in the darkroom. These would of looked perfect at the original time of process, but often if prints have not been stored as well as they could of been then the deterioration of printed images appears anywhere from 15-30yrs after the creation of the print.

New restored group edit

Gladly we now have the technology to help us recreate the past & allow us to enjoy old photos again. Scanning of images & using photoshop has allowed me to offer this restoration service to you at an affordable & cost effective rate.

The process initially starts with you making an enquiry, either on the phone or by emailing me or contacting me through my social media accounts.

Once I have seen the original image & discussing your needs I can tell you which category I think your print will fall into. On my restoration page I outline the various costs & levels of process.

The entry level cost starts at just £9.95 & a standard 6x4 inch print is only £1.00 !

At these costs I think you will agree this is a great way to enjoy again those old photos you have at home.

This would also make a great gift, for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present.

Prints of your newly retouched images can be provided & also framing can be costed once we have discussed your needs, so please keep this in mind to complete your order.

Payment can be made via bank transfer once viewing the final retouches and everything is complete. You will receive a proof image on email & once you are happy with everything, payment will need to be made before the image is supplied back to you.

Postage of prints to me & back can be done, but I would advise the use of a tracked postal service, return of your prints can be provided at the cost incurred.

If you wish to supply your image via email or via the internet then I advise the use of a great free service, We Transfer allows you to send up to 2GB at a time which will be more than enough for your images.

I can advise you on scanning if you are carrying this out yourself. Essentially I would suggest the greatest or highest setting that your scanner will do, so that we have a good base to start from.

Please get in touch by email at or by visiting the contact section on my website. If you are visiting me from my social media accounts then please DM me about your prints.

I look forward to seeing your old treasured prints & working with you to bring them back to life.

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