Public & Private business policy for face coverings

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The 19th of July 2021 was a milestone in England as wearing a face covering or mask ceased to be a legal requirement in enclosed public spaces.

Although this date soon became a marker for many private organisations & bodies to make statements regarding their policy on face coverings.

Many transport environments & retail outlets soon made announcements saying that a mask would still be a condition of entry to their particular setting.

So what is your view?

It seems this week many in my view have continued to wear a face covering whilst out and about in shops etc.. and I have too & also when working in a pubic enclosed space.

Clearly it is now a matter of public & personal choice for the time being at least. But with many Farm shops, large supermarkets, deli’s & other retail & business spaces making their own policy the future is still a little uncertain & is constantly being written.

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