Using locations to sell your products.

Lamp product in location

As a commercial photographer I am often found in the studio working with a large box or boxes of product for a client. This is a tried & tested formula which creates consistent results for the client in that it provides them with a series of standardised images which when presented online or in a catalogue, form a natural family of images from which to sell from.

Photographing products on a white background & either leaving that as it stands or removing this at the computer stage to give a cut out of the product image has now become widely accepted on many retail or e-commerce websites, think of how a page on Amazon looks for example.

But now and again, to really make you products stand out online, something else is required. A different approach is often used to compliment the catalogue style we have all become used to in our swiping online retail world.

Using a location which either compliments or contrasts with your product is often used to cause a visual stir.

Think how many times you would have seen a fashion photography shoot in a magazine, where a model is wearing some new designer garment which costs ££££$$$$$’s but is photographed against a backdrop of urban decay or a ruined factory site. This is no accident, this effect is used to catch your eye and make you look at the clothes more than you do the environment.

So, using a complimentary location to a product is often used to show the customer or viewer how the product they might purchase would look in their home, garden, lifestyle. 

This image of a large mirror looks excellent in the environment in which it is photographed. The location compliments the product as it acts as a real life situation and your eye is occupied with moving around the image so it is interested in what it see’s but doesn’t clash with the product as your eye comes back to the product time and time again. 

Large mirror in location setting 

Likewise with the floor lamp, the location setting informs the viewer or buyer how this item might look in their own home and also captures the effect of the light to emphasise the lifestyle quality of the product. 

Floor lamp

The Barcelona chair & foot stool with magazine didn’t just happen to be there, we put them there to aid the photograph. 

Another project whereby a location was used to promote & add weight to a product was the promotion of limited edition M50 headphones. The new red colour was only available for a short while & was photographed in a recording studio. Audio technical is an international business who manufacture a range of high quality audio equipment.

M50 Headphones limited edition 

The images were taken at a recording studio to provide the product with a background which confirms their use to the viewing public. Not all customers will have a recording studio, or access to one, but buying the product will make the customer feel & buy into the lifestyle experience of a person who may use such a place.

M50 Headphones limited edition 

Photographing your product using a professional commercial photographer adds a huge amount of weight to your marketing plans. If you cannot grab the attention of your potential customer with the images first then they are less likely to stick to your website to read more about you, your products or your business as a whole.

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