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A selection of creative photography taken or created for clients, stock or simply to experiment with the art.

Being creative is not a qualification, its not something you automatically get when you begin your career, if you are involved in the creative industries in some way, you will know that you can either think creatively or you can't. They will always be exceptions to the rule, for example your creativity may be heightened if you are surrounded by creative people or surroundings.

I got into photography for the love of the art form, in my about section I state that a passion for the subject is at the heart of my photography. This statement encapsulates every reason I had to pick a camera up in the first place, ideas, emotions, experimentation all needed to be released and the camera was my tool of choice, that and the fact that I couldn't paint as well as I would of liked!.

For all of my professional career I have produced Creative Photography in Leeds, Yorkshire. I have carried out a range of shots and photography styles, mainly for my own personal portfolios, but also for clients too.

Working as a professional photographer you are called upon to provide your opinion on a subject or situation, some clients will come to you with a pre-made plan of what they want to be shot and how they would like you to shoot it, this normally comes from people who have already developed a creative idea, for example an advertising agency. Other times a client may come to you and say I have this product, or I have this promotion to do with my business and I'd like you to come up with a creative solution.

Either brief is fine, I have worked as a professional commercial photographer for advertising and commercial projects for over 20 years, week in, week out, and can produce commercial creative photography for you to launch your product or idea to the general public.

By using professional studio lighting and the latest digital technology with a healthy portion of creative thinking, we can deliver. I have spent many years developing methods of working which helps you in terms that I can suggest the most cost effective way of producing your photography.

Post production of the photography is very important, retouching in creative photography is an art form in itself not all photographers can retouch to a high standard and often out source this element of the production process, whereas this will still mean you get the desired result it often means an extra layer of complexity to the production process and furthermore an extra cost to you as the client.

I do all of my own retouching, by effectively bringing it in-house, this in turn passes onto you full control and keeps a keen eye on your budget.

Creative Photography in Leeds

Creative photography in leeds Yorkshire has is provided by many suppliers, but please be aware that you must always hire a professional photographer to produce your creative  photography. You have probably spent weeks, months and maybe even years developing, experimenting with your product or idea to make it the best that it can be, so when you bring the product to market do not let all your hard work go to waste and use a non professional photographer.

In my studio in leeds, I can provide you with creative photography at a high standard and at a cost to suit your budget whether it be for catalogues, website or brochure or any other design brief that you may have.

Please contact me today if you would like to discuss you creative photography project.

Phillip Shannon

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