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Food Photographer Leeds

A series of food and drink images, taken in the studio and on location for a range of clients.

Working as Food photographer for the majority of my 20 years plus in the commercial photography industry. I have shot food photography in studio in Leeds and around the UK on location for a variety of uses, for website, packaging promotional advertising and editorial uses.

I have worked with a great variety of food clients too, from major supermarkets, to individual manufacturers, farm shops and outlets through to restaurants.

Working as a Food photographer is a real pleasure, working hand in hand with the client and the food stylist we have created mouth watering dishes which you could almost eat off the screen. By using a professional food photographer you will give your food product the opportunity to turn browsers or page flickers into actual customers who want to buy your product.

You have probably spent weeks, months and maybe even years developing, experimenting with your food idea or product to make it the best that it can be, so when bring the product to market do not let all your hard work go to waste and use a non professional photographer. Many great products are not given the right chance to shine as budgets seem to get in the way, and less experienced or non food photographers are used to produce the work. This is a false economy, using an experienced professional will add an infinite amount of value to your food product. See the testimonial section to read my Food clients feedback.

I have worked as a professional commercial food photographer for advertising and commercial projects for over 19 years, week in week out and can produce the mouth watering image you need to launch your food product to the general public. By using professional studio lighting and approaches to your product and the latest digital technology we can deliver.

In my studio in leeds, working with some of the countries finest and experienced food stylists, it is this combination of food styling and professional photography which makes a winning team. Cooking food to eat is very different to cooking food to photograph, under studio conditions a food stylist is adept at making the food look good towards camera, and sit on the plate, or bowl for example for a lot longer than it would take to eat it.

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