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A series of commissioned images for Jewellery retailers, Jewellery wholesalers and Jewellery designers throughout Yorkshire and the UK
For the majority of my professional career so far I have shot Jewellery Photography in Leeds, Yorkshire. I have carried out a range of jewellery photography styles, jewellery packshot, product shots, creative jewellery photography and cut out jewellery photography for a variety of uses, for website, packaging promotional advertising and editorial uses.
I have worked with a great variety of clients too, from major manufacturers of jewellery, and wholesalers to individual jewellery designers and sellers.
?Working as a Jewellery photographer you have to find out what the product USP ( unique selling point ) is, or what the clients wants to product to say in the jewellery photo. Placing the jewellery in a particular environment to be shot will project a certain style or value to the viewer, within appropriate surroundings, maybe by choosing an environment which says a lot about your customer is key to projecting the products persona to the outside world. Maybe photographing the jewellery on a model for example gives a sense of style and scale to the jewellery, something which is difficult to convey in a product shot.
?Using Model photography as a way of selling your jewellery is a perfect way to engage with your customer, you can decide on the " look " which may says a lot about your product range.
?However you choose to photograph your jewellery pieces, as you can imagine, there are many ways to photograph a product, maybe you prefer to shoot packshots for cutouts, these are increasingly popular, particularly for websites selling online, many high street stores and well know jewellery retailers use this style of photography as it creates a professional uniformity throughout the site and makes it more cost effective in the production chain.
Jewellery Photography in Leeds
?Jewellery photography in leeds Yorkshire has is provided by many suppliers, but please be aware that you must always hire a professional photographer to create your Jewellery photography. You have probably spent weeks, months and maybe even years developing, experimenting with your product to make it the best that it can be, so when bring the product to market do not let all your hard work go to waste and use a non professional photographer.
?I have worked as a professional commercial photographer for advertising and commercial projects for over 20 years, week in week out and can produce Jewellery photography for you to launch your product to the general public. By using professional studio lighting and the latest digital technology we can deliver. I have spent many years developing a method of working which helps you in terms that I can suggest the most cost effective way of producing your jewellery photography. Post production of the photography is very important, retouching jewellery photography is an art form in itself not all photographers can retouch to a high standard and often out source this element of the production process, whereas this will result in the desired result it often means an extra layer of complexity to the production process and furthermore an extra cost to you as the client.
?I do all of my own retouching, by effectively bringing it in-house, this intern passes onto you full control and keeps a keen eye on your budget.
?In my studio in leeds, I can provide you with jewellery photography at a high standard and at a cost to suit your budget whether it be for catalogues, website or brochure or any other design brief that you may have.
?Please contact me today if you would like to discuss you jewellery photography project.
?Phillip Shannon
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