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A series of commissioned and stock images for a variety of clients throughout Yorkshire and the UK

As a professional commercial photographer the variety of tasks laid before you whilst in the process of the photography project can be huge. Often we are asked to photograph a companies product or service for brochure or website, and more often than not, asked to photograph the key personnel at the company in question.

I have worked with and photographed many different types of people for many different types of reason.

Corporate clients require product, packshots and promotional photography of their particular product, and also the people involved with the process of selling the products. A picture of a person relating to the product, gives the viewer a reassurance, often, that they are dealing with a real person, and often companies with have a specific reason to show a particular face to represent the companies image.

For example a jewellery product may be exclusively designed for a female audience, and may even have a particular age group in mind, so to associate the product with a person who encapsulates the " look " of the product, this emphasizes the advertising message behind the jewellery item.

Professional Models are often used throughout professional commercial and advertising photography, they are a home within the professional shooting environment. They will be comfortable working within a professional photography studio in Leeds or Yorkshire or further afield around the UK.

If you are a model and are looking to expand your model portfolio, contact Phillip Shannon Photography today and we can discuss your requirements.

If you are wishing to have a person associated with your product and are looking to have use a photographer with over 20 years experience as a professional photographer in Leeds, then contact Phillip Shannon today on the contact form or on the numbers above.

Professional photography in leeds Yorkshire has is provided by many suppliers, but please be aware that you must always hire a professional photographer to create your people or model photography. You have probably spent weeks, months and maybe even years developing, experimenting with your product and ideas for your company to make it the best that it can be, so when bring the product to market do not let all your hard work go to waste and use a non professional photographer.

All post production and retouching is done in house, this intern passes onto you full control and keeps a keen eye on your budget.

People and model photography can be provided to you in a studio environment in Leeds or at a location further afield within your company premises for example as part of your ongoing photography project.

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