Photo restoration results

Welcome to My Restoration from Phillip Shannon Photography.

After spending many hours in front of the computer with my commercial photography, over the years, I have been asked to photoshop various elements in the shots we create in the studio to rectify anything from a minor scratch or two, to completely rebuilding elements of packaging for example.

During this time I have also been asked to retouch & edit old photographs for friends and family and here below you can see the results.

Bringing back to life old forgotten family pictures of loved ones brings back great memories for people & discovering old, torn prints in the bottom of a drawer sometimes left people feeling like they would never be able to enjoy that picture again. Now with this new service you can relive the memories of yester year & enjoy those images again.

I can receive images & prints in the most convienient way that suit you. You can email them, or sent via We Transfer ( which is a free service up to 2GB ) or you can post prints to me. If you choose to do this then I would suggest a tracked postage service. Prints can be returned once the process is complete at cost.

If you choose to scan your own prints, then please supply at a image file size that big enough to work from. I will advise on how to do this once I know this is your prefered method.

Below you will see some examples of the types of repair & retouching that I have carried out on these prints. These examples show increasing levels of retouching & rebuilding of the images & the associated costs.

Once an initial enquiry is made we can decide what is required & which stage, 1,2,3 or 4 is best suited to your image. The editing will be completed & you will receive a proof image on email, then once payment is made the full image will be sent to you.

Prints can be produced of the newly edited photo & even framing. Please just ask for details.



A showreel for the restoration service.

Stage 1 restoration: £9.95
As shown in this example, this is removing a few fault lines or crakes in prints, re-cropping or resizing the image & removing an unwanted colour cast in the original print.

phill shannon photography
phill shannon photography

Stage 2 restoration: £19.95
The repairs needed here will be as above but often this will be or a greater quantity over the original image and may also require rebuilding parts of the original that are heavily faded effected by some other ageing process, due to light damage or colour tainting.

phill shannon photography
phill shannon photography

Stage 3 restoration £29.95
Faded, cracked, scratched, colour tainted, parts missing etc.. this is shown here in this example.

phill shannon photography
phill shannon photography

Stage 4

This is a bespoke service offering all of the above plus anything else that is required & is on a quotation arrangement. Meaning that once the original is seen a cost & approach will need to be agreed & then I can carryout the work.

All images once they are completed can be printed and even framed. Contact me for more details .

As an example a 6x4inch print is only £1.

phill shannon photography
phill shannon photography